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Bouldering in Tulsa

On the west side of Tulsa, there is a park, “Chandler Park” that has all sorts of interesting granite walls and inclines to scale. Having the day off, my daughter, little M and I headed off to explore.

We had a good time.  Also, there is playground equipment so if you just want to set the kids free to play…  🙂


Other info about bouldering and climbing can be found at:


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Winter “Man” Camping in Oklahoma

Had a great time in January with the guys I attend church with. Can’t wait till our next opportunity.

It was 72 degree when Scott and I arrived Friday afternoon around 4pm. By 8am it was 25 degrees F!  The morning was also memorable as some guy “out of no where” asks for a ride back to the main road, since his battery died in his jeep (him and his buddy where overnight sleeping in).  {Weird}

Later, we did some hiking on the old Military road built in 1832. The rest of our crew arrived after lunch-time. We hung out, shot some paper and in general had a good time. Luke made his famous Southwest stew and Aaron the next morning made a great breakfast.  Check out the “Frozen Fog” on the trees.

The roads in the area are all US Forest Service Roads and were definitely maintained.  Overall, had a good time and can’t wait to do it again.

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Off-Roading in the Tulsa Area

Bass Pro Broken Arrow, OK

Last weekend, near Bass Pro I took the kids out sight-seeing and with a limited amount of time, decided to do some 4×4 crawling near the house. From the looks of it, this might be a night-time hangout spot for teenagers with campfires. My kids had fun (Big M and Little M.)

Big M and Little M

Coming down this hill we used Toyota’s DAC feature (Downhill Assist Control) to modulate the speed and brakes for each individual wheel/tire.

Toyota 4x4 SR5 2011

Here are some links to Tulsa Oklahoma-based 4×4 Trails and Groups.

I have not visited these other locations but I think that the groups and the trails will offer a cool experience.


1. Extreme 4 Wheeling Facebook Group

Families and Novices welcome.

2. Gettin Bent Offroad | Facebook

Only for serious off-roaders. (No Street-Legal Vehicles)


Here is the Disney, OK info (below the dam)
Disney, OK
For SE Oklahoma there is also:


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