Why the TSA should not exist

Pictures from: http://matadornetwork.com/life/airport-security-then-now/


Security screening at Columbia, SC airport, 1973. Photo by Hunter Desportes.

and Now

Security screening at Denver airport, 2009. Photo by Inha Leex Hale

My question to you:  Is the TSA effective and if not, what are you going to do about it? Comments welcome.



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Cool things this week 10/7/2011

The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video (Nature)
Make sure you open this in full screen mode (icon in bottom right-hand corner)
I love the nature (God’s Creation) aspect.

I have been enjoying the Internet’s greatest music application “Spotify” this week.  I totally recommend it.  It is not available in all countries yet, so they are still working out licensing deals to support their product.

At work I have been spending a lot of time on 2012 Capital Planning. (Projects)  It has been pretty interesting.  It is tough to balance the needs of a company.

At home I have been reading to my oldest daughter, “Big M.”  She is five years old, in kindergarten and is learning to sound out words and is not just memorizing books anymore but actually learning to read!  We also got to harvest our crop of sunflowers that she planted this spring.  I brined the sunflowers for several hours, then boiled them in the same solution outside on the side-burner of the grill and then smoked them for several hours on medium heat inside my electric smoker.  Big M likes the plain version, while I am enjoying some of the smoked ones.

Little M, my youngest daughter had a sore throat early this week.  I got to spend my evenings comforting her and growing closer together.  She is healthy now and is running around the house as fast as can be.  (Almost 3 years old.)

I wont promise to blog all the time, but this is my start.


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