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December 22, 2012 · 12:39 am

Bouldering in Tulsa

On the west side of Tulsa, there is a park, “Chandler Park” that has all sorts of interesting granite walls and inclines to scale. Having the day off, my daughter, little M and I headed off to explore.

We had a good time.  Also, there is playground equipment so if you just want to set the kids free to play…  🙂


Other info about bouldering and climbing can be found at:  rockclimbing.com

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Winter “Man” Camping in Oklahoma

Had a great time in January with the guys I attend church with. Can’t wait till our next opportunity.

It was 72 degree when Scott and I arrived Friday afternoon around 4pm. By 8am it was 25 degrees F!  The morning was also memorable as some guy “out of no where” asks for a ride back to the main road, since his battery died in his jeep (him and his buddy where overnight sleeping in).  {Weird}

Later, we did some hiking on the old Military road built in 1832. The rest of our crew arrived after lunch-time. We hung out, shot some paper and in general had a good time. Luke made his famous Southwest stew and Aaron the next morning made a great breakfast.  Check out the “Frozen Fog” on the trees.

The roads in the area are all US Forest Service Roads and were definitely maintained.  Overall, had a good time and can’t wait to do it again.

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Fall in Oklahoma

It seems like time is just flying by.  The weather has gone from 110 in August down now to 60’s in the daytime and in the mid 30’s during the night time.  Last night there was an earthquake near Oklahoma City around 2am.  No, I did not feel it, but some of my neighbors did.  Playing tennis at night is now done indoors.  The wind is howling outside.  The leaves are changing color.   It must be fall in Oklahoma!


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Off-Roading in the Tulsa Area

Bass Pro Broken Arrow, OK

Last weekend, near Bass Pro I took the kids out sight-seeing and with a limited amount of time, decided to do some 4×4 crawling near the house. From the looks of it, this might be a night-time hangout spot for teenagers with campfires. My kids had fun (Big M and Little M.)

Big M and Little M

Coming down this hill we used Toyota’s DAC feature (Downhill Assist Control) to modulate the speed and brakes for each individual wheel/tire.

Toyota 4x4 SR5 2011

Here are some links to Tulsa Oklahoma-based 4×4 Trails and Groups.

I have not visited these other locations but I think that the groups and the trails will offer a cool experience.


1. Extreme 4 Wheeling Facebook Group

Families and Novices welcome.

2. Gettin Bent Offroad | Facebook

Only for serious off-roaders. (No Street-Legal Vehicles)


Here is the Disney, OK info (below the dam)
Disney, OK
For SE Oklahoma there is also:



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Wireless Point to Point Connections (where cabling/fiber is not an option)

I was asked last week about the cheapest method to connect a remote site to a central site that was within line of sight.  I pulled up an old article I had written and re-posted here for reference.  If you are not technical, or don’t have a need, just feel free to gloss over and wait for my next post! 🙂




Do you have a site that is just out of reach of your physical network?

Maybe a remote warehouse across a field, or maybe two building that are separated by a public street?  Getting right-of-way permits and hiring a professional boring company to come in and push underground pipe may be too time consuming and costly.

Consider installing a wireless point to point network. 


  • No special FCC Radio licensing required if using standard 802.11 spec devices.
  • Devices must stay below 1 Watt of Radio Power to remain within the rules.


  • You need Electrical Power at both ends
  • You need line of site (a direct path between antenna locations) between each end that is unimpeded by electrical lines, trees, buildings, traffic, water towers, etc.
  • Less than a mile without involving a professional wireless engineer.

Types of Point to Point Antennas:

  • Yagi – Directional Antenna that is just the size of large paper-towel roll.
    Example:  WIFI-LINK
  • Mesh Dish – Larger profile, but connects much further than Yagi.  Requires more sturdy physical mount than yagi.  Has some movement in wind.
    Example: WIFI-LINK
  • Solid Dish – Requires strong mount pole and strong mounting accessories.  Use for long distances with maximum radio effectiveness.
    Example: CISCO

Sample Parts List using a Mesh Dish Antenna.

Note: I included spare wireless access points, since these guys get hit by lightning on occasion.  Also, if you want good isolation, installing ethernet to fiber transceivers at the entry to your building, you will have optical isolation (preventing lighting from entering the building) across your fiber lines.

Parts Description Qty Unit Price Extended Price
Wireless Access Points Production Linksys WAP54G 2 $72.79 $145.58
Wireless Access Points Spare Linksys WAP54G 2 $72.79 $145.58
Cabling Kit LLC400- TNC male RP & N male connector 1 $270.18 $270.18
Ant to Amp Cable N male to N male(LLC 100/50cm) 2 $10.81 $21.62
Amp to WAP Cable N male to TNC male RP(LLC 400/1m) 2 $21.83 $43.66
Directional Ant. 2.4GHz Square GRID Parabolic Antenna 19dBi 2 $45.00 $90.00
Ant to Lightening Arrestor Cable N male to N female(LLC 400/6m) 2 $20.86 $41.72
Lightening Arrestor LP N MALE TO N FEMALE 3GHz 1 $9.35 $9.35
Mast Extension Tessco Cantilever Wall Mount Kit with 96″ mounting pipe 2 $170.00 $340.00
Grounding Parts Grounding Wire and accessories 1 $60.00 $60.00
Amplifier High-Gain Amplifier for Ant. Over 12DBI 2 $176.79 $353.58
Shipping Shipping: 1 $165.00 $165.00
Total: Total: $1,686.27


802.11 Limitations


EIRP Calculator



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